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Markins BV-24 (with BS-22) BV-HEAD

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Simple & Easy Solution
for Bird Photography & Videography

Markins BV-Head is a ball head module designed for bird photography or videography.
It makes the ball rotate in one direction only. It also helps reduce vibration because the mass centers of the ball head, BV-Head and your equipment can easily be aligned on top of each other.
With this compact, easy-to-install and light weight BV-Head, we hope your photographic life more enjoyable.

  • compact and portable head module for bird photography and videography
  • easy installation and provide swift change between the two functions
  • two types of heads in one package
  • The new Quick-Turn knob opens or closed by one turn (Patent Pending)

→ Users Report of Koji Nakano

→ Users Report of Yoshiteru Takahashi

Product Markins BV-24 (with BS-22)
0.52lb (238 g) with BS-22
4.33 x 3.07 x 2.36in (110 x 78 x 60 mm)
BS-22(Stopper) * 1EA
Weight (16g)
Size 1.69 * 0.55 * 0.75in (43 * 14 * 19 mm)
Markins Q-Ball Q20i Series

Q20i-BK・BV-24 セット

1 x 37,620 円 36,130 円
Total list price 89,630 円
Price for all 86,070 円

Q20i-RD・BV-24 セット

1 x 37,620 円 36,130 円
Total list price 89,630 円
Price for all 86,070 円

Q20iQ-RD・BV-24 セット

1 x 37,620 円 36,150 円
Total list price 90,590 円
Price for all 86,840 円

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