Application for Repair/Overhaul

Information about the repair and overhaul of the Markins Ball head.
We only accept repaired items from within Japan.
If you wish to have your product repaired oversea of Japan, please contact Markins Head Office directly.
For products other than Markins products, please contact us directly at the address below.
Brand-specific repair contact information
GITZO | Nikken Techno Co.,Ltd. 03-5703-5304
HUSKY | Studio Jin Co.,Ltd. 047-435-8298
About Fees
The overhaul fee is the total of the technical fee of 5,500 yen (tax included) and shipping, which will be delivered by cash on delivery after the work is completed.
In the unlikely event that a part needs to be replaced, the cost of the part will be added, so we will confirm this before replacing the part.
We will provide an estimate for repairs after confirming the condition.
[ Shipping Fee ]
Delivery address
Fee (tax included)
Hokkaido 1,300
Tohoku/Kanto/Hokushinetsu/Tokai 870
Kinki 970
Chugoku/Shikoku 1,100
Kyushu 1,300
Okinawa 1,350
How to apply
Please fill in the required information and click the "Submit" button.
We will contact you shortly with the shipping address of the Ball head.

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