Markins Online Shop FAQ
Can the BV-HEAD be used with a knob shoe type Ball head ?
Yes, you can use it.
A lever shoe type free head (black) is available as a basic set product. Other combinations can be selected from the product description page.
Markins Online Shop FAQ
Can I use Markins Ball head with any tripod ?
A standard tripod can be used.
The tripod thread for mounting a head is standardized to 1/4" or 3/8". Markins Ball head is a 3/8" bolt hole, If your tripod is only compatible with 1/4" bolt, you will need to purchase a separate bush adapter.
Markins Online Shop FAQ
I am buying a Ball head for the first time. Is there anything else I need in addition to the Ball head ?
To use a free-form head, you need a plate such as a camera plate or lens plate.
The free head is equipped with a quick shoe*1, so you only need these plates to attach your equipment to the head.
However, an L-Wrench is required to attach the plate and a bush adapter is necessary if your tripod only has a 1/4" bolt.
For more detailed instructions, please refer to First of All page.
*1 Q20i-NQS and Q10i-NQS models are without quick shoe
Markins Online Shop FAQ
Can I use plates from other brand ?
Basically, any dovetail type (Arca Swiss compatible) plate can be used *2.
Since the width of a dovetail type plate varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, we recommend that you use a plate from the same manufacturer when using a lever type quick shoe.
For example, if you use a plate from another manufacturer on a lever-type quick shoe, you may find that the lever is a little too tight, or conversely, that it is not tight enough.
This adjustment only needs to be made once, but when the Markins plate is used again, the tightening width must be readjusted.
To avoid this problem, it is recommended to use a knob type quick shoe or to use the same manufacturer's plates.

*2 We have confirmed that plates made by KIRK, RRS, and Wimberley can be installed, but have not confirmed the installation of others.
Markins Online Shop FAQ
Can the Markins plate be attached to a Manfrotto Q6 type head ?
Markins Online Shop FAQ
How do I clean the Ball head ?
Usage and management know-how > Ball head > Cleaning
Markins Online Shop FAQ
How do I overhaul a Ball head ?
Please apply from the "Application for Repair/Overhaul" page.
Markins Online Shop FAQ
The ball fixing knob (main knob) does not turn. What should I do ?
Usage and management know-how > Ball head > If the ball fixing knob and limit dials do not turn
Markins Online Shop FAQ
What are the criteria for measuring the load-bearing capacity of Markins ?

Markins' load-bearing weight is measured by applying a load to a point 5 cm away from the center of the Ball head and determining how much load it can withstand. Generally, if a camera is mounted perpendicular to the ground on a free head and the center of gravity is aligned with the center of the free head, the camera can withstand any weight, unless the free head or tripod is broken. However, if the camera is pointed up or down, the center of gravity will be shifted from the center, and the load will be applied according to the shifted distance. Therefore, Markins uses a point 5 cm away from the center as a realistic reference point for measurement.

※Please refer to the article "Korean Digital Camera Magazine June 2007" for more information about the load capacity of Markins Ball head. ->  Read

Markins Online Shop FAQ
How do I replace the quick shoe ?
Markins Ball heads are available in both i-Type models and pre i-Type launch models.
The i-Type models can be attached and detached with an Allen wrench, but for models before the i-Type was released, the quick shoe is specially installed to fix it firmly in place and cannot be attached and detached independently by ordinary customers. Therefore, if you need to replace it, please contact us by e-mail.

We also receive inquiries about attaching other manufacturers' quickshoes to Markins ball heads, but due to the manufacturer's policy, we are unable to do so.
Markins Online Shop FAQ
How long is the warranty on Markins products ?
Markins products are warranted for a period of three years.
In the unlikely event that a product purchased from us is defective, we will pay the shipping costs for repair or replacement.
However, for products purchased from other retailers after September 2010, please ask the retailer.
When you contact us for repair of a Ball head, please provide us with the serial number stamped on the bottom of the head.
If you purchased from a distributor or Amazon, we may also ask you to provide us with a receipt that confirms the date of purchase.
Markins Online Shop FAQ
What should I do if I receive an item that is not what I ordered ?
Please contact us immediately upon receipt.
We have a copy of all shipment details and will take immediate action.
Markins Online Shop FAQ
How secure is the membership registration process ?
An encryption system SSL is used for data transmission concerning personal information.

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