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Markins Q3iPs-RD Panorama Shoe 65P

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Panorama Ball Head, Q-Ball Q3iPs-RD Emille with panorama Quick Shoe

Q-Ball P-version ball head is for panorama photography.

The QR-65P panorama quick shoe is innovatively designed to minimize the size and weight.

Its patented DDL mechanism provides easy and powerful locking of panning.


  • Innovative design greatly reduces size and weight. (Patent Pending)
  • Compatible with any Arca-Swiss type camera plates.
  • The Quick-Turn knob opens or closes the clamp by one turn. (Patented)
  • DDL Mechanism-Enhanced locking by double wedge lock. (Patented)


Quick turn knob
It also equipped with patented quick turn knob. It only takes a single turn to open or close the quick shoe jaw. You will love this fast open and close performance when you need to change the setup quickly, especially in cold weather or in need of quick response.

Powerful panning lock-DDL mechanism
Small and light weight design is possible due to this powerful locking mechanism. QR-65P is equipped with a newly optimized DDL(double disc lock) mechanism. Itis a device with dual wedge locking ring and disk of round shapes. It needs less torque to lock the panning. Axis of rotation also stays the same regardless of locking. Position of locking knob is changed ofr easier control under a long nodal slide. It is more comfortable to operate and will provide you with sharper images.

Wine Red
Maximum Load
65lb (30 kg)
1.01lb (460 g)
Ball Diameter
1.50in (38mm)
Base Diameter
2.20in (56mm)
3.85in (98mm)
Tripod Mount Hole
UNC 3/8"-16
Friction Control
Bi-Axial Progressive
Maximum Torque
130 lbf・in (150 kgf・cm)
Panorama Index
Camera Connection
Panorama Quickshoe (QR-65P)


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