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Markins QL-48 Lever Quick Shoe

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Dovetail type lever release clamp with a spring loaded detent pin to prevent from accidental slippage. Compatible with any Arca-Swiss type camera plates from Arca, Foba, Kirk and R.R.S.

  • Easy Opening and Closing: The quickshoe opens/closes fully in one quick lever action even with hand with glove on.
  • Adjustable Clamping Distance (Patented): The clamping distance is user-adjustable by turning the adjustment screw for plates larger than Markins standard such as Kirk or RRS.
  • Convertible Lever Arm Position (Patented): The lever arm is convertible to either left or right hand position for one's own convenience.
  • Protected Lever Cam Mechanism (Patented): The lever cam mechanism is embedded inside of the quickshoe, which vastly reduces the chance that the lever mechanism could be damaged by accidental impact.
  • Compact Design: The lever arm stays compact either opened or closed position.
  • Laser engraved position marks.
  • Built-in spirit level for leveling.
Quick Release Lever
The lever arm is convertible to eigher left or right hand position for one's own convenience.

Release Style
Lever Release Style
Jaw Length
1.89 in (48mm)
0.59 in (15mm)
2.86 oz (81g)
Mounting hole
UNC 3/8"-16

Used 3WAY the Quick Shoe

Used Monopod the Quick Shoe

使い勝手は満足しています。 欲を言えばノブタイプで1/4回転でクランプを弛められるのと同様にレバ-の中間開放の軽いクリックがあると落下防止に対する安全性が向上するように思います。 機構上難しい点があるかとも思いますが、検討頂くとありがたい。
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