Nikon Z 8 Exclusive Plate on sale

by Shop Stuff
Nikon Z8 Exclusive Camera Plate PN-Z8 & Sub-Plate LN-Z8 on sale.

Markins Camera Plate PN-Z8 is specially designed to hold the camera firmly in place for stable, blur-free shooting. A spring-loaded pin prevents the plate from shifting.

When combined with the Sub-Plate LN-Z8 (sold separately), it can also be used as an L-plate (L-bracket) for quick changeover to vertical shooting.

The L-plate is very convenient because it does not require the head to be moved when switching between horizontal and vertical positions, and allows for quick switching without optical axis misalignment.

Markins plates are machined from a lightweight, strong aluminum alloy used in aircraft, then barrel-polished and highly hard-anodized, resulting in an extremely smooth surface and outstanding wear resistance.

The lines and surfaces are beautifully and delicately simple, reflecting various design know-how for weight reduction and stability. Markins is lightweight, yet it holds the equipment firmly, enabling stable, blur-free shooting, and can be used without discomfort when shooting hand-held.

Camera Plate PN-Z8

Sub-Plate LN-Z8
Code PNZ8
Weight 1.90 oz (54 g)
Size 3.6 X 1.5 X 0.4 in (91×38×10 mm)
Material A6061-T6
Bidirectional No
Mounting Bolt 1/4 UNC Bolt x 1
*L-Wrench is required separately
Fit Nikon Z 8
Code LNZ8
Weight 1.27 oz (36 g)
Size 0.6 X 1.7 X 3.7 in (16×42×95 mm)
Material A6061-T6
Fit Nikon Z 8